When people say that they could sing before they could talk they’re generally exaggerating a little, but when it comes to Caylie this couldn’t be more true. Her first memory of singing is listening to Shania Twain’s ‘Up’ album in the back of her mom’s car when she was only two. She could sing every word to every single song before she knew the abc’s and can still quote them today. Her dad is a classically trained guitar player with a passion for rock and roll. Under his influence and wing Caylie had begun playing guitar by grade two. In Kindergarten she was enrolled in an elementary school that specializes in music allowing her to pursue her passion everyday. Growing up Caylie was surrounded by music and used every opportunity she was given to explore it further. 

Caylie is now finishing her last year of high school at Victoria School of the Arts in Edmonton, Alberta. Although she’s an indie-folk artist as a solo act she is excited by any opportunity to collaborate. She sings as part of her Jazz Choir and Concert Choir ensemble at her school, as well as acts and directs. Although music has won over her heart she is talented in a  multitude of disciplines. 

Over the last year Caylie’s played at multiple venues all over Edmonton, her hometown. She was also given the opportunity to travel to Toronto to sing and record with one of her biggest influences Jessie Reyez. While in Toronto she had the opportunity to write and record music alongside some of Toronto’s best and notorious music professionals. 

Caylie’s true passion and fascination with music is best reflected in her songwriting. When it comes to her writing she inspired by anything and everything. She writes about personal experience as it relates to all walks of life and love. Her music draws ideas from the world around her but what makes her music truly unique is her attention to the little things. Things like freckles, stars the moon and everything in between.